Sculptures – model making

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    Inflatable sculptures

    Discover the Art of Custom Inflatable Sculptures: Unleash Your Imagination! Elevate your events with our bespoke inflatable sculptures, crafted in any size you envision. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge computer..
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    Exhibits and model making

    We provide exhibits for fairs, museum and presentations. Spheres and sculptures are being used to place exhibits on stage!  ..
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    TSAI balls

    We provide all kind of spheres and balls. Big sized ball globes bases on highly polished stainless steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316) with engraved continents performed by sandblasting or..
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    TSAI sculpture

    We support sculptures based on stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass metals.  Besides sculptures with the focus to straight lines and calculative angles we can produce all kind of amorph shapes...
  • golden castle sphere
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    TSAI event

    We create ideas for sculptures like fancy dome tents, big sized balls for gardening shows, fairs, art events, museums and architecture shows. It is possible for us to achieve eye..
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    Golf edition

    We offer for golf clubs an interesting collection of trophy sculptures. Additional we can supply sculptures like supersized golf balls or other objects in materials like stainless steel, fibre glas..
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    Acrylic – plastic spheres

    Acrylic spheres and semisphere with rim or without rim. The sphere can be produced thru different processes according to the final application to guarantee a suitable quality. Montable versions are..
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    We offer various types of water fountains with individual designs like world globes, fancy sculptures, sophisticated transparent or heavy turnable stone balls. The basic materials are different types of stainless..
  • christmas ball
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    Christmas edition 2023

    Herewith we present our actual christmas products for decoration and event shows. We can supply standard big sized colorful christmas balls made out of suitable plastic materials. Besides this we..