#TSAI: The story telling sphere

Assembled from hundreds of single metal sheets. Each sheet treated with saw, laser, engravement shows a part from the school and its pupils. TSAI offers individual stories being manufactured to a singe ball. Even in night time the sphere can be a focus by using internal and/or external illumination technique.


#TSAI: #Decoration spheres for AIDA

TSAI supplied stainless steel hollow balls for various cruising ships. In cooperation with several European ship outfitters stairways and bars within the luxury cruisers with outstanding appearance has been styled. The shipping companies are taking advantage of the booming cruising effect. Also the outstanding appearance of the stainless steel hollow balls are a little factor […]

smart balls

#TSAI: New high class product #smartballs, #geishaballs, #benwa for #pleasure and special fun

Our new product, distributed by our partner company Funtastic Loveballs is somekind of an art extension application. The hollow balls are sized between 25mm and 70mm depending on the consumers belongings. Inside the hollow ball is a solid ball, which takes care of wonderful vibrations, which will easily spread out thru the whole body. The […]

oversized hemispheres

#TSAI: crack in the bowl #art #installation for psychiatric clinic in Friedrichshafen Germany

Hemispheres for installation art Famous German artist Thom Barth born in 1951 created an art installation for the psychiatric clinic Friedrichshafen and used for eye catching and psychological stimulation oversized stainless steel hemispheres. The hemispheres do have a diameter of about 2800mm. The surface look is brushed. The bottom of the bowls are flattened and […]

#TSAI: #Acrylic #hemisphere for #Burlesque show

Hemispheres for Burleque shows are manufactured from acrylic glas or polycarbonate and finally implemented into a customized metal basements. The sizes are up to 2000mm in diameter.

#TSAI: The #Mozart game #sphere

Mozart sphere created for the last international gardening show in Hamburg The sphere is movable and plays several Mozart tunes depending on the position of the internal sphere, which moves due to the interactive angle of the big sphere. We will post a video shortly for detailed explanation.

TSAI the video

TSAI supplier of sperical sculptures

Center of the universe

Center of the universe – Giant 3000mm highly mirror polished steel ball  St. Moritz – by the swiss artist Thomas Heinzer on Vimeo.